December 24, 2022

The Highest Rated Large Pet Fountains

The Best Reviewed Large Pet Fountains.

Pet Fountains are the perfect way to keep your pet hydrated and happy. Our pet fountains provide a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water for your furry friend, so they stay healthy and refreshed all day long. These automatic pet water fountains are designed to filter out impurities such as dirt, hair, and other particles while also providing an oxygen-enriched stream of clean drinking water. Plus, they come with a replaceable carbon filter that catches more impurities while freshening the taste of their water.

With Pet Fountains you don't have to worry about refilling a bowl every day — the gentle flow of fresh and inviting agua will continuously entice them when it's time for a sip! The steady flow also encourages pets to drink more often, allowing them ample hydration throughout the day. And our bright LED lights make it easy for your pet to see when taking a drink is necessary - even in the dark!

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The Best Large Pet Fountains Products

The Best Reviewed Large Pet Fountains Products In 2022

Kastty 195oz/6L Dog Water Fountain Premium Large Pet Water Fountain Ultra Quiet BPA-Free Cat Fountain, Safe Smart Pump& Triple Filtration, 2 Filter Sets, Ideal for S-L Dogs and Multi-Pet Families

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as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • 【Large Capacity & Wide Drinking Area】The 195oz/1.5gal dog water fountain, the extra big version on the market, is perfect for small to large-sized dogs, cats, and muti-pets families, the amount of water per fill will be sufficient enough to last instead of refill frequently. This large dog water fountain is round and wide enough to allow cats dogs and multiple pets to drink from all sides at the same time.
  • 【Quality Material & Funny Spiral Look】Made of food-grade ABS resin, This pet water fountain is BPA-free, healthy, hygienic and durable. The funny spiral dish, along which the water flows, has a slope gradient from fountain top to the low, thus giving every pet in different height access to water with protection to their spine.
  • 【Recessed Handles & Scale Water Level Window】This dog water fountain has 2 slot-type handles for a firm grip when to carry or move it to water source, unlike other large dog fountains that cause inconvenience to grab. With the clear water level window, you can replace your pet with fresh water in time without any hassle. Furthermore, it has a water storage capacity of about 470ml, which can provide water for your pet in case of power outages.
  • 【Quadruple Filtration & Unique Mesh-filter Bag】 Kastty automatic dog water fountain use of high-end coconut shell activated charcoal filter ensures the strongest filterability of catching everything(hair, heavy metals, even the invisible), and the drinking safety to your fur babies since the PP cotton layer and the charcoal are all food grade. What's more, this pet waterer added mesh-filter bag effectively collect hair and food residues for clearer water and a cleaner container.
  • 【Quality Pump for Long-term Use】More attention and investment have been taken on the pump for low power consumption, a solid build, and long-term purpose. The shut off feature prevents the pump from burning out when the water level gets low(min load: 240ml). The added pre-filter prevents the pump from blockage and extends its longevity effectively.

PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs, or Multiple Pets - Automatic Water Bowl - Pump and Water Filter Included - Dishwasher Safe - Easy Clean Pet Dish - Water Dispenser - 2 Gallon/256 Ounce

$74.95  in stock
as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • CUSTOMIZE WATER FLOW: Adjustable flow control lets you choose how fast the water flows from the stream; turn off the water stream for quieter operation or for the shyest cats
  • 2-GALLON WATER CAPACITY: This durable plastic pet fountain is great for big dogs and multi-pet families
  • ENCOURAGES HYDRATION: A falling stream of water entices pets to drink more and helps support kidney health in pets through increased hydration
  • DID YOU KNOW: Your pet needs 1 oz of water per 1 lb they weigh every day, so a 12 lb cat should drink 12 oz of water each day
  • NO THIRSTY PETS: Open bowl-design gives your pet access to water even if the power goes out

SOOFPET Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 3,2L/108oz Pet Water Fountain, Automatic Cat Fountain with Quiet Pump, Dishwasher Safe Design, Suitable for Multiple Pets

$45.99  in stock
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as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • 【Safer way to drink water】Mommy told me the material used in this cat fountain is high quality 304 stainless steel material from Germany, it adds oxygen and keeps the water fresh, which prevents my chin from turning black, I really like it!
  • 【Flowing "Living Water"】I don't like drinking water from the water bowl, I like flowing water! I used to like to drink water under the tap at home and mommy used to scold me. This cat fountain is like a flowing spring, it can flow 24 hours a day, it can also filter out dust and my hair, always keep the water clean, every sip I drink is fresh water!
  • 【No need to add water frequently】It actually has a large capacity of 3.2L! This satisfies my water intake for 8 days, mommy no longer has to add water every day! When she is going to travel, she doesn't have to worry about my drinking water. The SOOFPET cat fountain can provide me with enough water. My mom and I are very happy for its existence!
  • 【Four-layer filtration】The four-layer filtration system composed of cat fountain filter and sponge can effectively filter out the impurities, remove the peculiar smell, soften the water quality, and improve the taste. This has greatly reduced my risk of gastrointestinal and urinary problems. I'm healthy, mommy will be happier too!
  • 【Sweet Dreams】The pump of this cat fountain is designed with unique motor technology, it is super quiet (less than 35dB) and will not disturb my sleep and mom's sleep. Low power consumption DC 5V-1.5W, more durable than other pumps! SOOPET brand also offers a 2-year pump warranty, so if there are any problems mommy can contact them for replacement.

Cat Water Fountain,2021 Upgraded Pet Water Fountain 101oz/3L Dog Cat Water Dispenser, Smart Pump with LED Light,Ultra Quiet Automatic Cat Drinking Fountains with 2 Filters,3 Water Flow Settings

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  • BPA FREE & HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our cat water fountain is made of high-quality AS/ABS, durable, BPA free, non-toxic and odorless which can be used safely and securely. Make your pet fall in love with drinking water, no need to worry their health problem any longer.
  • QUADRUPLE FILTRATION SYSTEM DESIGN: Our Cat water dispenser is equipped with 2 replacement filters, each composed of a cotton layer, high-density and high-content activated carbon and an ion exchange resin to achieve multiple filtration, which can effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content, provide healthy and hygienic water for your beloved pets all day! Recommended changing the filters every 2~4 weeks.
  • UPGRADED INTELLIGENT PUMP FOR LONGER LIFE: Pumps mostly died from dry burning and blockage, but no such issues with our pet water fountain for it can sense the low water level and auto shut off the pump to save it from dry burning, more safer for pets to use. And the LED light will change from blue to red reminds you to refill water. The added filter sponge for pump has filtering capacity and can catch hairs and debris, save the pump from clogs effectively, thus extending the life of the pump.
  • 3L LARGE CAPACITY & 300ML EMERGENCY WATER STORAGE AREA: 101oz/3L large-capacity cat fountain is great for dogs, cats, multiple pet households. Even if you go out for a few days, no need to worry about your pets no water to drink. 300ML emergency water storage area design on the top floor can be used for emergency situations. In case of power failure or other special cases, your pets still have water to drink.
  • ULTRA QUIET & ADJUSTABLE WATER FLOW DESIGN: Low consumption water pump, works super quiet, noise less than 38dB, no worries of disturbing you and your pets rest. Our water fountain pumps adjustable flow allows you to customize the water flow for your pet. Sprout waterfall and bubbling fountain two modes for meeting the needs of various pets, attract your pet to drink more water to keep healthy.

BLUZZO Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel with Filter, 3.2L/108Oz Large Capacity Automatic Pet Water Fountain, Cat Dog Water Dispenser with Ultra-Quiet Pump for Multiple Pets, Dishwasher Safe

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as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • 【 304 Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain】 The Cat Fountain is made of 304 Stainless Steel. BPA-free and Dishwasher Safe(Except Water Pump and Filter). Rust and Corrosion Resistance. Easy to Clean and Disassemble.
  • 【 Multiple Purification System 】 The filter element of the Pet Water Fountain uses microporous filter cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, and cation exchange resin to purify water. Microporous filter cotton is responsible for filtering larger particles and impurities. The activated carbon absorbs residual chlorine and odor. Ion exchange resin softens the water quality, removes heavy metal calcium and magnesium ions in the water, and prevents cats from urinary stones.
  • 【3.2L/108Oz Large Capacity Pet Water Fountain】 The Pet Fountain has a water capacity of 3.2 liters(108 ounces), can continuously provide 22 days of fresh and healthy water for cats and 14 days for small dogs, which is ideal for multi-pet households without the need for daily or very frequent water refills, and no worries for pet parents who travel or work.
  • 【 Ultra-Quiet & Low Consumption Pump 】 The Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel uses a super silent ( below 20dB ) and 1.5W low power consumption pump. Built-in backflow silencer sponge, it will not affect sleep when used at night.
  • 【 Multiple Purification System 】 The filter element of the Pet Water Fountain uses microporous filter cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, and cation exchange resin to purify water. Microporous filter cotton is responsible for filtering larger particles and impurities. The activated carbon absorbs residual chlorine and odor. Ion exchange resin softens the water quality, removes heavy metal calcium and magnesium ions in the water, and prevents cats from urinary stones.

Rellaty Cat Water Fountain - Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 4 Replacement Filters, 108oz/3.2L Water Fountain for Cats Inside

$35.99  in stock
as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • 【304 Stainless Steel Material】Cat water fountain is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safer and more durable than plastic cat water dispensers. Pet fountain can be used for many years, and the stainless steel material makes it less likely to have any scratches or corrosion. Specially, it can withstand high temperature cleaning to ensure your pet's health.
  • 【108Oz/3.2L Large Capacity】Dog water fountain has a 3.2L/108oz large capacity, which is suitable for small and medium-sized pets. Dog water dispenser is marked with a high and low water level line, and can last up to 2 weeks when filled with water. It does not require frequent refilling, so even if you are away for a few days, you do not have to worry about your pet's drinking water.
  • 【Quadruple Filtration System】Cat fountains is equipped with an activated carbon filter, which consists of cotton layer, activated carbon, and ion exchange resin, forming a triple filtration system. It can remove odor and soften water. Meanwhile, the filter sponge captures pet hair, dirt, and food particles, providing your pet with pure and healthy water.
  • 【5V Ultra-Silent Pump】Pet water fountain is installed with a newly developed pump, which is very quiet and only sounds about 30db when running. You won't worry about your pet being frightened or noise disturbing its daily habits. In addition, the energy-saving pump is 5V low voltage, so it won't consume too much power even if it runs for a long time.
  • 【Double Water Flow Design】Cat fountain water bowl replicates the natural preference of pets for drinking flowing water. And the fountain increases the oxygen content of the water, making it fresher and better tasting. This toy-like design encourages pets to drink water and is good for their kidney health.

Dog Water Fountain for Large Dogs, 1.8 Gallon Extra Large Pet Water Fountain, Whisper Quiet Automatic Dog Water Bowl Dispenser for Multiple Pets with 5-Layer Filtration System, Visible Water Level

 in stock
as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • 【1.8gal /230oz/ 6.8L LARGE Capacity】The largest dog fountain version on the market, ideal for large-sized dogs, multi-pet household, and pet owners on the go. Fill it up once, and you're free to do whatever you want w/o. being constantly distracted with refills and to leave further and longer w/o. worrying about pets' water supply. To refill is easy-peasy thru the top dish instead of having to disassemble unit. Approved high quality material, BPA-free, rust-free and super sturdy to last.
  • 【The Best Solution to Blockage & Overflow】Many other pet fountains allow pet hair and other larger debris to fall into basin, which leads to filter/pump blockage and overflow. This pet fountain is better-designed with an extra filter bag to first screen out the larger before they enter basin and then the carbon filter filters out the smaller and the invisible, enabling filter to focus on filtering instead of screening. Tips: Empty the filter bag once a week to ensure better performance.
  • 【5-Stage Filtration System】By far the best filtration setup thanks to the filter that actually forces water thru it rather than just around it, and the 5-stage filtration system: Pre-filter for protection for the pump intake, filter bag(Pre-catch the larger before carbon filter), and 3-layer carbon filter(top PP cotton layer for hair/dirt, the coconut shell activated carbon for absorbing odor and catching heavy metals and the invisible, and the bottom cotton layer for deep purification.
  • 【Extremely Quiet: 30dB ONLY】This dog water fountain is crazy quiet at 30db only due to the well-guided flows rather than water-on-water noise and the silent pump, which is friendly to both light sleepers and timid cats. The lake-shaped drinking area, mimicking the structure of natural lake, is ultra-spacious for multi-pet share, and sunk for comfy drinking experience, spillage prevention and extra added water storage capacity of 470ml against unexpected power outages, so no second bowl needed!
  • 【Graduated Window + Water Shortage (LED) Reminder】Check water level thru the window at a glance, and the LED makes this possible even at night. The window also has measuring scales, which are easy to read and convenient for pet parents to monitor pets' water intake daily. Water shortage reminder and dry burn protection: Once water drops low, LED transfers from blue to red to remind you of refilling and pump auto stops working in this case to avoid running dry and burning out.

Ciays 236oz/7L Pet Water Fountain Ultra-Large Capacity Cat Water Fountain Dual Filtration Dog Water Fountain Bowl with Huge Drinking Area for Cat/Dog/Multiple Pets, Gray (AG01)

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as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • 7L LARGE CAPACITY - The 236oz/1.85gallon/7L dog water fountain retains a large water capacity suitable for larger pets like dogs and cats, so there is no need to refill constantly, allowing yourself to rest from time to time.
  • VISIBLE WATER LEVEL - The pet water fountain is crafted with transparent materials that allow you to "check without opening" if water needs to be added. This 7L capacity cat water fountain can reserve water for days in case of a power outage. The fountain of convenience!
  • HUGE DRINKING AREA - Your furry buddy can drink from huge waterfall steam of water that's filtered by 2 medium filtration systems. CIAYS pet water fountain can hold enough water for more than one pet to share. The waterfall stream mimics nature and can lure your furry friend into drinking more!
  • DUAL FILTRATION - CIAYS dog water fountain comes with 4 filters that block harmful components and cat fur, which means fewer trips to the vet. The ion exchange resin layer softens tap water, and the activated carbon removes nasty flavors and scents for clean healthy water.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Say goodbye to messy water bowls and constant refilling. All parts are easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can clean this drinking fountain and replace filters easily.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain, Automatic Drinking Fountain for Pets, 168 Ounce

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  • LARGE WATER CAPACITY: 168 oz. water capacity is great for pets of all sizes or multiple pets
  • ENCOURAGES DRINKING: Falling stream entices pets to drink more water
  • FILTERED WATER: Includes replaceable carbon water filter that refreshes the water
  • LESS REFILLS: Built-in reservoir increases capacity and extends time between refilling your fountain
  • ADJUSTABLE STREAM: The pumps adjustable flow allows you to customize the water flow for your pet

Pioneer Fountain Big Max- Stainless Steel 128 Oz

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as of January 28, 2023 10:47 am


  • Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to your pet
  • Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure, healthy water
  • Dishwasher Safe. Refer the user guide below for Pum Trouble shooting steps and Installation steps
  • 128 oz capacity. refer Troubleshooting guide for Product instruction
  • Modern design fits in any home décor

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